Minutes of Meeting Template

Simple Minutes of Meeting template

‘Minutes of the meeting’ is a document that describes the events of a meeting, participants, topics discussed in the meeting and decisions made concerning these issues. Minutes of the meeting is an important document also helps traceability of requirements, identify change request, communicate the information to those who could not attend the meeting. Minutes of the meeting document helps formalize the verbal communication.
The minutes of the meeting document should contain the following sections:

  • Title of the meeting
  • Participants
  • Date, time and channel of the meeting
  • Agenda
  • Minutes (Actual content)
  • Action items with responsible stakeholder and deadline

My personal experience with minutes of meeting

In my years of experience, as a business analyst, I attend multiple meetings with different stakeholders throughout the day. I have found out that attending and facilitating the meeting, it is not easy to document and actively participate in the meeting if I try to create extensive documentation of the meeting. It’s time-consuming.
To solve the problem I was facing, I put some thought around it and came up with a solution that helps me a lot. It’s a time saver.
Here’s my mantra when it comes to writing minutes of the meeting:

  • You are not an audio-video recorder.
    • Don’t try to document every line and statement as it is said in the meeting.
    • You need to only document the context of the statement
  • Don’t rewrite, Don’t rework
    • You should avoid scribbling notes on a piece of paper and then type it again in a document.
    • Why rework? when you can do it right the first time.
    • Always type in the actual document that you will be sharing with the client
    • If you DON’t have a good typing speed, then I would suggest trying the swipe keyboard on your mobile or tablet. I find it really helpful
    • Avoid using abbreviations
  • Keep it simple
    • Creating an extensive document is not an easy task.
    • Keep it as simple as possible. Try to use easy layman language.
    • Use bullets instead of paragraphs. Categorize the bullets under heading and subheading.
  • Action items with a deadline
    • Always keep a separate list of action items with deadlines and stakeholders to whom the action item is assigned.
    • This helps in expediting the pending items and tasks to be done. And also maintain responsibility.
  • Nomenclature
    • File naming conventions are important. It should be easy to locate the desired MoM from a list of MoM.
    • I follow a simple convention as “YYYYMMDD_TOPIC”. Here are a few examples
      • 20190405_Clarification-on-Admin-import-utility
      • 20180715_Project-kick-off-meeting
      • 20180423_Initial-requirement-discussion-on-MDM-portal
    • Naming a file in this way helps me sort the file chronologically and also easily search through the key topic of the meeting

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